My sister just sent me this email:

Hey, David.

This is a brief rundown of what I got out of the meeting. (I am not agreeing with all of it, just telling you what I heard them saying.) I am also working on a journal of my visits. I will send you that once I finish copying it out of the notebook.

  • Diagnosis is “Dementia“. They did not specify a kind; they just kept saying “dementia”.
  • Evaluated by 2 psychiatrists
  • Received a Mental Status Exam
  • Verified by a neurologist who met with Mom and looked at her MRI upon arriving at Halifax
  • Some of her symptoms are wandering, terrible anxiety, sometimes she thinks she is in another time (looking for Nana and Papa or talking about going to school)
  • Dr. Caliendo, Marilyn, and Connie again stated that they believe this is Mom’s best level of functioning
  • Connie said that if we are not interested in Lakewood, she needs to receive the names of some alternative placements
  • Mom needs to be moved because she will do better elsewhere
  • When the Medicaid is approved, that is going to be the catalyst to getting her out
  • ALFs are looking at behavior control. If she looks manageable, they will take her. This was the reasoning for the meds she is on.
  • Hank was the one who arranged for the photo to be taken.

The places I have visited are:

Grace Manor

They might be willing to work out a short-term stay plan. It was very nice, and I liked the admissions director, Jessica.



I forwarded the email I received from them. Dustin is the one with whom I spoke. He said it would be $1900 for the room and regular amenities, and Medicaid should cover the additional services. He said they might be able to work something out to lower the $1900.

I also went to another place called Coastal, but it was expensive, loud, and unpleasant.