I talked to Janis Stovall at Grace Manor for quite a while today.

She said that mom continues to try grabbing and scratching at her caregivers, and during meals she keeps throwing her dishes at people. Janis said that mom was, “the worst case [she’d seen] in ten years,” and that she needs to be in a psychiatric hospital.

She told me that Dr. Oh won’t see her any longer; Dr. Oh says she has dementia which is just getting worse, and it’s time to give up on her.
She also told me that Dr. Buck is “away for a month”.

We talked about Medicare and Medicaid and she tried to explain the difference to me. Medicare is a Federal program for people who are 65, or 62 for the disabled, but won’t pay any ALF fees. Medicaid is a State of Florida program for people with no money. Mom is currently on a wait list for a Medicaid waiver, but there is no estimate of how long she might remain on the wait list.

Janis said that it was important to note that Social Security Disability is not the same as Medicare, and we really need to get mom on Medicare.