I received an email from Marsha Porter <Marsha.Porter@halifax.org>, one of the discharge coordinators at Halifax Hospital:

Mr. David Gagne,

Per Jenna at DCF CARES, you need to google Florida Department of Elder Affairs 2040 form. Print form, then fax to 386-238-3199 attention Linda or Jenna. Please fax form as soon as possible.

This is the Name, Address and Phone number to Nursing Home: The Woodland Terrace 120 Chinola Ave, Deland Florida 32720; phone number is 386-738-3433.

The idea that anyone at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs is waiting for my consent to continue processing my mother’s Medicaid application is insulting and pathetic. I’ve talked to them well over a dozen times in the last eight months, so hearing from Marsha that they have no record of my mom on file is frustrating, to say the least.

It’s also beyond disgusting that the Florida Department of Children and Families would use the word “care” in their acronym.

Oh, and the address for Woodland Terrace is 120 Chipola Ave, not Chinola Ave.