My sister sent me this message via SMS after reading the previous post:

Mom’s glasses were more likely lost at Coastal prior to being taken to the ER or at Halifax. She had them on at Coastal when we were there.
I hate that. I had to keep telling EVERYONE at the nursing home, ALF, and the hospital that Mom ALWAYS has her glasses on. Yes, even when she is sleeping. (She joked to me once a long time ago that if she didn’t wear them while sleeping, her dreams would be blurry.)
Why anyone would take the glasses off of a disoriented person and assume that person could find them and put them back on again is beyond me.
I would be crying all the time too if I couldn’t see, had a bedsore, was in an unfamiliar place, and didn’t know what was happening to me.

And then at 12:59pm PDT she sent an update:

I called Walmart. They are going to make a new pair of glasses for Mom; [name redacted] is going to pick them up; I am going to send [name redacted] a check.