Marsha Porter from Halifax Hospital responded to my request for more information regarding the informed consent form:

Mr. Gagne,
Thanks so much for your assistance with the consent form. I'm not sure if you will hear from any of the people at CARES unless they need more information. I'm not sure of the protocol after CARES get their information they will probable deal with the nursing home directly in trying to get your mom qualified for the insurance and funding. 

You were not suppose to hear from me regarding CARES issue or any matters concerning the above because after the patient is accepted and discharged to the nursing home, then I do not work with them on a outpatient basis. I simply helped with inpatient process by faxing the appropriate forms to CARES that they needed from the doctors, and ensuring placement and a safe transfer to the nursing home. The form that you assisted with was a request from CARES to assist with the process for nursing home Medicaid.

It appears that you did the right thing in faxing it the informed consent.

Again thanks for your assistance with this matter.

I replied:

Okay.  Thanks.