My sister sent me this email:

What Dr. Fulop‘s assistant, Helen, told me is that they saw the results of a CT-Scan that had been done at Halifax Medical by Dr. Lopez on Dec 14, 2009 and that Dr. Shoemaker received a copy, as well. She said that Dr. Fulop would be happy to look at the CT-Scans themselves if we can get the cds to her. She has only seen the results and would like to see the scans themselves and the results. If we can get both CT-Scans, we can have them sent to:
ATTN: Helen
8 Mirror Lake Dr
Suite A
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

I called and left a message with Dr. Shoemaker’s assistant because I am pretty sure I have been authorized to speak with them about Mom’s information.

Dr. Fulop: (386) 673-2500
Dr. Shoemaker: (386) 677-0453

I also spoke with Jessica at the Park at Countryside because I was not sure if you had, and I talked to her about paying January’s rent and moving her things then. She has emailed me the forms to release us from the lease, but we need Dr. Caliendo or Sophia to send a letter stating Mom’s inability to live there anymore. Can you request that from them and have them send it to them at [redacted], or fax it to them at (386) 756-2891? Jessica said she would ask around for homes for the pets too. We have to get that to them so they have a 30 day notice.

I replied to her a few minutes later (at 1:46 PM PDT) with:

I don’t want to move too quickly on this, [name redacted]. We aren’t yet 100% certain that you and / or I will be able to get to Florida and find her a new place and pack everything in her apartment and have it relocated by the end of January. I am not overly concerned about mom paying for February’s rent, is what I mean. I don’t want to cancel her lease and then have to worry about being rushed, you know what I mean?