“Letters to Mom”

One of her journals I found is titled “Letters to Mom”. It’s a collection of letters she wrote to her mother — my “Nana Anna” — starting about four months after her death.

Hi, Mom,

The Patriots just beat the Colts. Stressful game!

Donna and I went to see a funny romance movie called “Dan in Real Life”. It was pretty good.

I’ve been really tired lately, probably because I’m not eating right.

I think what I need to do is start eating right just because I want to live as long as you did.

I’m planning to get a bigger TV when I get my raise. I’ll also try to have a mega-yard sale next Saturday. I have way too much stuff in the house and shed.

By the way, if we don’t get money from the lawsuit, I may be in real trouble financially. If you’re there somewhere listening, can you keep an eye on me and my kids?

I wish I could talk to you right now.

I love you,
Kathleen A. Gagne